Custom Crosses, Tent Camping, & Woodcarvings

Created by Nature, Carved by Hand

Looking for custom crosses for yourself or as a gift? Ones for your walls, rear-view-mirrors, men’s and women’s wooden necklaces, hand crosses, and even Christmas tree ornaments but can’t find what you’re looking for?

Searching for caricature woodcarvings? Flat-plane woodcarvings, or customized scenes?

Making a list of gear for the coming tent camping season and need suggestions on tools and tents, as well as tips and insight to help you always be prepared?

Why I Needed a Life Change

After spending 35-plus years of my life working in political, educational, and corporate public relations, my life suddenly changed in May 2016 with a permanent injury to my lumbar spine. This makes holding a traditional 9-5 job impossible, no matter what anyone has to say.

So instead of spending the rest of my life needing the assistance of others, I sold most everything I own in 2022 and on July 6th, left what belongings I do have (Largely books and books and more books) and headed to the serenity of our family land in Upper Michigan. Also known as the Upper Peninsula,” “The UP,” “Earth above the Bridge (Mackinaw),” and the sanctity of “Yoopers.”

My Great Pyrenees, A. Maycee Grace, and I spent 13 weeks tent camping in the deep woods with no electricity, no running water, but curious bears, and one of the last untamed places left in the United States.

God Led Me to the Woods

Venturing into the wilds of the UP, is something I firmly believe God led me to do. Many times in the Bible, Jesus encouraged those who said they wanted to follow him to, “Sell everything you own and follow me.”

So, being an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, I took Jesus at his word and did just that.

I had no idea what doing this would bring.

My daughters, parents, and many friends on Facebook were shocked, to say the least.

One friend, I’m told, called another and asked, “Why is Donny Claxton living in a tent in the woods?!”

Answer: God sent me there.

Discovering the New Me

When Maycee and I arrived in the woods on July 7, 2023, we/I had some tentative plans, limited amounts of cash, and the humility to find my place in the woods and wait for God.

After establishing our tent camping area, surveying the 40-acre wood by dad bought back in 1975 for a penance in today’s money, I began to set up shop.

It soon occurred to me that with all the wood I was removing to help with the conservation and preservation of our land, that I could make crosses out of a multitude of wood grown all around me as far as I could see in any direction.

And so this is how I became a cross maker.

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I make custom crosses and woodcarvings with materials grown in the wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. My work becomes a tangible reminder of adventure and self-reliance. During summers, I tent camp to inspire others to increase their own independence.


I create beautiful custom wood carvings and crosses using materials harvested from the wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. During summertime, I live off-grid by tent camping.